Ivan Lušičić Liik is a renegade architect who got caught up in creative technologies and visual arts. Started as a VJ at the same time he enrolled in architecture school. Later got into lighting design and stage design. Since then he has done visuals, set and lighting design for club nights, music and new media festivals, melodramatic concerts, theatre plays, dance performances, several operas, and many unnecessary ceremonies. Also occasionally tutoring workshops on the theme of experimental visual media within the context of architecture.



  • MA Lighting design, Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb
  • BA Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb



  • Naljepši posao na svijetu,  children’s play, set and lighting design, kazalište Trešnja, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Orfej i Euridika, opera, projection and lighting design, HNK, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Maksim Mrvica spring tour 2021, visuals, Taiwan
  • Mind The Gap, drama, projection design, HNK, Varaždin, Croatia
  • Josipa Lisacvirtual concert, visuals and lighting design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Modra Noć, short film, lighting design, Zagreb, Croatia


  • Keinberg, drama, Lighting and projection design, Teatar EXIT, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Lado, concert, projection design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Adria Luxury, projection design, Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia
  • HATCH IV at Salon Mladih 2020, live performance, dom HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Oko s površine, dance performance, projection and lighting design, ZPC, Zagreb, Croatia
  • HATCH III at Pravo na trg for SuKultura, live performance, CKNZ, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Projection mapping workshop at Pravo na trg for SuKultura, tutor, CKNZ, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Volkswagen ID.3, virtual presentation, visuals and lighting design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Dark Projection at Art Zagreb 2020, art installation, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Territories at Monoplay 2020, art installation, Zadar, Croatia
  • Školjka Šumi at Nosi Se 2020, drama, lighting design, Zadar, Croatia
  • ESBAT at Savičenti 2020, dance performance, projection and lighting design, Savičenti, Croatia
  • Derivat 2020, music festival, lighting design, Zadar, Croatia
  • I Lombardi at Splitsko ljeto, opera, set design, projection and lighting design, Split, Croatia
  • Dora 2020, visuals for winning croatian Eurosong contestant, Rijeka, Croatia
  • Siemens event, interactive dance performance and projection design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • H.E.J.T.E.R.I, drama, lighting design, ZKM, Zagreb, Croatia


  • Maksim Mrvica winter tour 2019, visuals, China
  • Yammatovo 2019, visuals, Lauba, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, projection design and mapping, Rijeka, Croatia
  • ELLE Style Awards, projection design, hotel Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia 
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport reveal, projection mapping and lighting design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Maksim Mrvica autum tour 2019, visuals, China
  • Subverbal at Nosi Se 2019, lighting design, Zadar, Croatia
  • Cum Grano Salis, drama, projection and lighting design, Ston, Croatia
  • Derivat 2019, music festival, lighting design, Zadar, Croatia
  • SAP conference, set design, Plaza centar, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Hamlet, drama, lighting design, CNP, Podgorica, Montenegro
  • ..
  • .

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