Event Horizon

EVENT HORIZON/ Martina Nevistić

Premiere performance: 26.06.2015. in 21h
Next performance: 29.06.20115. in 20h
Place: Perforations Festival, Zagreb Youth theatre, hall Polanec

Event horizon deals with transformation of space, time and body creating the atmosphere of some other dimension, some far away world, but again very familiar one. It stages a link between micro cosmos of one unit, one inner world, and other units in their unique way of interaction, thus creating a bigger, wider picture of universe, the macro cosmos.

Martina Nevistić in her already recognisable style, far from classical theatre boundaries, uses poetic of dance to manipulate perception of audience while at the same time in doing so, she manages to blur the line between picture of clear intent and so called real meaning. Event horizon gives us a glimpse into the surreal, but at the same time very familiar and intimate world at the edge of perception.

Author: Martina Nevistić
Performance: Petra Chelfi, Ivana Pavlović, Martina Nevistić
Visual design: Dora Đurkesac, Ivan Lušičić Liik
Light design: Saša Bogojević
Sound and music design: Višeslav Laboš featuring Jeff Duke

Photography and video: Neven Petrović
Costume: Nina Tarnovski, NTS
Support: Nina Sakić
Design: Saša Bastaić
Organization: Nina Križan, Martina Nevistić

Co-production: Perforation Festival/ DOMINO, Zagreb Youth theatre ZKM and O.N.E.
Realised with the support: Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture, Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, Udruga Domino association/ Perforation festival, Zagreb Dance Company, Dance House Ireland




preuzmi (3).png


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