For Four

Lighting and projection design for a dance performance

A dance project titled For Four is performed by four dancers with the same train of thought but different physical manifestations. Each of the dancers moves along a imaginary line of a square, creating a space within and outside of the geometric shape. male strength is provoked by fragility that stems from fear of falling out of the inner space and collective rhythm.

Choreographer: Ognjen Vučinić

Dancers: Endi Schrotter, Mate Jonjić, Ognjen Vučinić, Šimun Stankov

Lighting and projection design: Ivan Lušičić Liik

Costume designer: Paola Rilović

Sound designer: Luka Gamulin

Trailer director: Lovro Mrđen

Cinematographer: Matej Subotić

Photographer: Karla Jurić & Sanjin Kaštelan

Graphic design: Sara Pavleković Preis

Producer: Sabrina Herak Smoković

Music: Dexter – 66

Copyright: Ivana Vuković

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