Contemporary dance and multimedia performance “Intensities”

This dance and multimedia performance explores the connection between the inner and outer body of a performer while it attempts to define, and even question, these abstract categories. The manners in which the two communicate, interfere, annul but also complement each other. Thus the performer will be dancing with words, with her writing of dance and dance’s sound. In that manner she will attempt to construct a new body of Music and Light.
There are seven intensities in the material through which the author translated all the elements of the material acting into a sphere of dance. Thus intensities become the stations of the author’s facing her own limitations, the areas of her intimate resistance in which she as an author is inviting us to share with her the possibility of our own transformation.

Authors of the project: Vedran Hleb i Vesna Mačković
Composition and Direction: Vedran Hleb
Music: Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
Video: Ivan Lušičić Liik
Light Design: Bojan Gagić
Costumes: Nina Nimac
Choreography: Vesna Mačković and Vedran Hleb
Words: Vesna Mačković
Performer: Vesna Mačković




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